Spring Made Easy With YKK StyleView® Windows

It came faster than you thought, right? It just snuck up on you! The holidays are really over and that means Spring cleaning has begun! As the temperatures begin to rise, so does your to-do list. Fortunately for residents of JW Collection’s homes, window replacement and insulation are not a concern or an item to check off their agenda.


JW Collection is known for using the best quality features in its new homes and that includes this month’s Home Matchmaker feature, YKK premium windows. Yes, the same brand who makes the zipper on your clothes! Based out of Japan with operations in 76 countries, YKK is the largest manufacturer in the world and as such their reliability in providing great-looking and energy efficient windows has been proven by customers globally. Because JW Collection takes pride in its luxury home design, the choice to use YKK AP StyleView® built windows is a decision that came easy. There’s enough to consider when investing in a new home or preparing your home for the new season, so make it easier on yourself by purchasing a JW Collection home, with quality engineered StyleView® windows already installed. With a provided lifetime warranty, StyleView® will fix any glass seal troubles free of charge – talk about low-maintenance! While JW Collection has chosen the window best suited for built-in energy savings and virtually maintenance-free ownership, you get to choose a lighter load of responsibilities when purchasing a JW Collection home.


JW Collection homes feature lots of thoughtfully-placed windows to let the natural light in, a feature you’re sure to appreciate as you bask in the spring sunshine. But you’ll never have to worry about all the effect it might have on your home’s comfort and energy efficiency – even when more extreme summer or winter temperatures set in. StyleView® windows’ construction and use of  low emissivity (low-e) glass mean your home will stay warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer by reflecting heat back to its source. Additionally, the low emissivity glass helps to block the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays to help protect curtains, furniture and JW Collection’s site-finished hardwood flooring. Additionally, these windows are ENERGY STAR certified as part of the high energy-efficiency assurance standards – only the best in each JW Collection home!