Luck That Lasts: Site-Finished Hardwood Floors

March is a time of year that can lift moods with warmer weather, blossoming flowers and a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday that calls for a lucky-good time with friends and family. Many would say that good luck comes to you in the form of a four-leaf clover but here at JW Collection, we know that your home’s quality is at least one thing that can’t be left up to luck. JW Collection builds the best quality and features from the ground up and that includes the timeless beauty and strength of site-finished hardwood floors.


Expert interior designers and home builders agree that the most sought-after surface and desired feature in a home are hardwood floors. While hardwoods are more expensive than carpet, carpet needs to be replaced more often and is more prone to damage compared to hardwood floors. Luckily in every JW Collection home, you won’t have to look too far for this luxury of hardwood flooring and at its best quality. At the front door, you are welcomed with the rich look and solid feel of site-finished firm wood – it’s as real as it gets. Industry experts have long argued the pros and cons of site-finished hardwood versus pre-finished wood and while there are some advantages to pre-finished wood floors, nothing beats a product that is known for being durable and timeless. Have you ever walked onto hardwood floors in a friend or relative’s home and noticed a strange, hollow tap with each step? There is a strong chance that these floors are pre-finished, engineered wood floors and not the solid foundation of site-finished floors.


Living up to their reputation as  timeless and lasting, site-finished floors can be easily cut to create unique flooring patterns and as a natural material can be sanded and refinished two to three times as color trends change. In JW Collection homes, the preferred choice in hardwood flooring is oak. Oak is durable and has been used for centuries meaning years of ideas are out there for you to observe and adapt to your own style to craft the living space and style you want. Additionally, because many JW Collection floorplans are open designs, the flooring choice flows seamlessly from room to room making for a consistently appealing look encompassing each room in the home.


Last month’s Home Matchmaker celebrated the kitchen as the central gathering spot to make food and memories with loved ones. JW Collection designers are experienced in pairing different rooms of the home with the elegant color of the hardwood floors including the kitchen. While you make memories and your favorite meals in the kitchen, you can relax knowing your kitchen not only meets your needs but looks good too.


With top quality features like site-finished hardwoods, you’ll never need to rely on luck to make sure your home lives well and looks great doing it. Take a look at the refined presence of site-finished hardwood floors in the homes of JW Collection. Get inspired and explore ideas by visiting JW Collection’s Design Studio online and observe more pros to these hardwood floors rather than pre-finished or carpeted floors.