Discover the Magnetic Attraction Between You and Your Kitchen

Love is in the air this month! Everywhere you turn, you see hearts, the colors red and pink, roses, teddy bears and the gift of love. We’d like to think that this is everyday between you and your loved ones, but February is the time of year to go above and beyond – it is the month known for Valentine’s Day, after all! That’s why this month’s Home Matchmaker features the kitchen: the heart of the home.


The first place someone can think to share love with others is in the home. There’s an old saying by Charles E. Jefferson that states, “A house is built by gold. A home is built by love,” and the kitchen is known to be the heart of the home. For the most part, the kitchen is the central gathering spot to share a delicious meal with others, have warm conversations, and most importantly set the tone for entertaining guests.


In every JW Collection home, you will find a kitchen that warms every corner of your heart and sets the scene for favorite meals cooked and memories with loved ones. To center the kitchen and provide additional counter space for large gatherings, an  appointed gourmet island is tailored to many of our new JW Collection kitchen designs. These statement islands supply the additional surface space needed to prep and dice food, store dishes and keep regularly used ingredients all within arm’s reach. While the center island helps to store and provide space, JW Collection’s walk-in pantries make the most of your kitchen layout by storing all your needs in one central location. The last thing anyone wants to stress about in the kitchen is the clutter of pots and pans, TupperwareⓇ, and ingredients. These smart pantry storage spaces keep your kitchen organized and food supplies handy. Many of our homes include a corner pantry with an angled door maximizing storage space in the kitchen. To make the most of your area and plan for additional shelving space, basic shelving installed in an L-shape can be outfitted using Lazy Susan platforms to capture the corners and labeled plastic tubs under the shelves to store paper goods.  


As shared in our January Home Matchmaker’s blog post, the details matter! Every new JW Collection home includes detailed custom cabinetry by Cabinetcraft in the kitchen, that helps to keep your kitchen organized and looking great! Our easy-access pantries match our other cabinetry for a cohesive look. While cooking can cause quite a stir with the noises and laughter to come while feeding yourself and guests, enjoy the quiet of soft close doors added for comfort and ease in everyday use.


Want to make sure your kitchen lives up to the expectations of being the heart of the home? Get inspired and capture ideas from the homes of JW Collection. Or get a sneak preview by visiting JW Collection’s Design Studio online to see more inspiring kitchen interiors and details! Give yourself the gift of a kitchen you love this Valentine’s Day!