Appreciating the Fifth Wall: Impressionable Ceilings from JW Collection

Designing your home is one of the most exciting steps of the home buying process. With so many design choices to be made, it is easy to overlook what’s right above you: the ceiling! Ceilings can create a memorable impression and give that “fifth wall” in your home the character it deserves. From coffered ceiling treatments to exposed wood beams, discover detailed ceiling design options that are guaranteed to breathe life into any room.

Coffered ceilings are a classic, aesthetically pleasing way to enhance your space. This ceiling design is particularly popular in living rooms and owner’s suites. We suggest adding a coffered ceiling in spaces with high ceilings. These sunken panels play with dimension to add visual depth to your room.

Exposed wood beams can add visual interest and rusticity to an otherwise modern space. These beams at our Abbington at Wildwood model home emphasize the ceiling height while adding contrast to the room. Wood beams can be stained or painted depending on your personal style.

Woodwork on the ceiling is a unique way to draw the eye upward. The natural texture adds an element of warmth, while the angled planks play up the modern vibe of this room. Historically, these slat ceilings were used in commercial settings to improve acoustics. They have recently become more popular in residential settings as a decorative design feature.


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